In the Studio #5


This week had nothing to do with painting. Not one little bit. I craved it of course, everyday… but this weeks creativity was utilized elsewhere. It was found on my trustworthy Brother sewing machine. You see, we are kinda Renaissance Festival nerds. We aren’t hardcore about it, but definitely like to dress up and have fun. Especially my three boys. And for me? Any excuse to wear fairy wings and glitter and I’m front seat of on the bandwagon.

My sewing machine was a busy hum. There were patterns to cut in three different sizes, little added details, and making sure everything fit. Everyone got a shirt, pants, and vest. Phew!  And when I wasn’t doing that, I was running errands for forgotten items, sipping down cherry lime ices (guilty pleasure), and ignoring all of the housework (seriously though this house in shambles… but at least everyone’s gonna look cool tomorrow!).

My outfit didn’t require a pattern, it was more piecing together of different items from different articles of clothing. A collar from this, a ruffle from that, and a felted down sweater vest.

After all, fairies are a hodge podge of happy found items. Right?

 The best part about being an artist and having the ability to sew, is that you can get a little more creative with the details. Like this tree of life on the back of my middle sons vest. (that I really didn’t have time to do… but did, cause I can’t help myself tee hee).


Being able draw comes into play in all different areas of my life, not just on paper.


So yeah, that was my entire week. Sew, sew, sew – run, run, run. I wish I had a completed photo to show you, but there are still finishing details to complete and seams to stitch. I’ll be sure to share us all dressed up in a post to come or on Instagram.

Have a great weekend friends!



In the Studio #3-#4


It seems some weeks just pass you by, and that’s just what happened last week. My kids started school, and it wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. At least not for my oldest. Middle school. Need I say more?

Back to school means the hours in my day, become mine once again. Full studio days, amidst house responsibilities and errand running. A one woman trapeze act of finding balance between mom and artist.


My first week back in the saddle was a success. Both a little foreign, and a sweet cup of freedom. I made two wonderful sales from my current solo show, at the Caffe’ a la Mode in Warwick, NY. so with that, there was planning pick up times, creating new work for the spaces, and framing. I get so nervous before meeting with someone purchasing my work, my hands shake a little while I’m wrapping up their piece with bubble wrap and washi tape. But then I really like meeting them. My favorite this week was a dad who bought a fairly large piece for his 8 year old daughter who had picked the art out herself. He said he, his wife, and her, had walked around to each of my paintings until she settled on the one that she loved best. Um, swoon! Parent’s that appreciate art, and a pretty cool little girl… love!


I won’t lie… I wasted some time too. When I regain my days, I sort of don’t know what to do with myself. Which sounds really stupid typed out, but there’s something about going from chaos to silence that needs a gradual transition. I found the middle ground in yes painting (lots), but also taking naps, random shopping, canning tomatoes into sauce, and reading my current obsession – the third book of the Peculiar Children series. “Library of Lost Souls” by Ransom Riggs.

I am am trying to find better focus, so as not to waste my precious hours. I’m very distractable, and bore super easy even with things I super love. Not on purpose, I think I’m just a little A.D.D. And so, I bought a giant wipe off board for writing down “to do’s”, ideas, and future artistic plans/schedules. If I can see what it is I want/need to do, then I think (maybe just maybe), it might assist me with spending more hours in the studio.

On a side note my piece was not accepted into the Coffee Art Project. It’s okay. I’m not really disappointed and I knew I was up against A LOT of other New York artists, there’s always next year.

On another side note… I wanted to share with you today, that there is a new tab in the menu bar above called “Homeward Bliss“. I love gardening and domestic life as much as I adore my paintbrush, so I have started another blog just for that (I really like organization). There is adventure on the horizon for me and my family, so check out that link , and if you feel so inclined to subscribe by email for inbox deliveries, feel free to do so (you can do that here on the art blog as well!).

Thanks friends! Have a lovely weekend.


In the Studio #2

This week had very little to do with creating. Instead, it was spent reading lakeside and watching my boys swim. This is our last week of freedom you see, before the routine of school and homework returns. But there was one task I could not let slide, and that was the Coffee House Art Project. A really cool high profile competition based right in New York City. Not only is the project aimed at supporting and encouraging artists, but raising money in an effort to bring clean water sanitation to coffee-growing communities.

Bad. Ass.

I had no idea about the Coffee House Art Project, but they found me (on Instagram) and asked if I would join. Hell yes I would join! I love competitions especially paired with a good cause.

And so, seeing as my piece had to arrive at it’s destination on September 2nd (today) and no later. And seeing as it’s been so hectic in my life that I haven’t gotten it there yet. I had to fill out the deceleration form, scan the piece properly, frame, professionally package for mailing, and overnight it all in a matter of days. Okay I lie, all of this was done throughout the course of a day. What can I say? I really wanted this week to count for my kids. Family, trumped business. All that matters is it happened. That I pulled it off feeling proud and accomplished AND had a blast in our last week of summer. Bam!

I’m excited to finally share this piece. I’ve kept it under my hat for over a month now, with not so much as a tiny peek on Instagram. So without further adeiu… here is “Coffee Magic”, an 11×14 mixed media piece created using watercolor, acrylic, charcoal pencil, antique paper, gesso, and gel pen.


My declaration statement:

We are so enchanted by the power of coffee. It’s ability to revive, replenish, and instantly bring joy. For it is a part of our daily life, the spring in our step, a creamed or taken black oil that lubricates our inner workings. We drink it alone, with friends, and change the flavors seasonally as to fit our moods no matter the temperature. Hot, on ice, whipped into an icy treat, and put on an ice cream cone. Any way we can get it, we want it. Because coffee is pure magic. Magic that turns our life from a dull grey, to a blasting array of color.

Coffee Art Project rules states that I am only allowed to offer 15, yes… 15 limited edition signed prints.They are in progress, and I will let you know of their availability when they become ready.

Winners are announced at the New York Coffee Festival on September 18th. Fingers crossed! I’m up against over 200 fellow New York artists… so here’s hoping!



In the Studio #1


Despite the hustle and bustle of preparing my three boys for their upcoming school year I’ve been pretty active in the studio. I have a solo show at the Newburgh Brewery come February and I really want to allot myself P L E N T Y of time to make it right. So, instead of pushing things off to the last minute like I’m so good at doing, I’m starting now. The pieces I feel strongly about will be kept for the show (prints made for shop), the others will be listed for sale.

I find public solo shows a great opportunity to build ones portfolio, and a serious time for growth. I love it, it feels like a challenge… and every time I work towards a large body of work, I feel another step taken forward.


I’m creature of change – always appearing different (artistically) – worrying I show no consistency. Maybe that’s just self doubt though… because when I take a look closer, I can see clearly how each step of progress that I make (no matter what it looks like), has a part to play in what comes next. Another piece to the puzzle adds to my development. A notch on the inside of a door jam, marking how tall you got – not how tall you’ll get. Nurturing talent is about never letting yourself settle in, you must constantly search. Evaluate. Reevaluate. Learn.  Being an artist is not about “change”. It’s about evolving.

And so to wrap this up, I feel I was pretty productive in the studio this week. I completed an autumnal piece that I plan on making limited edition prints/note cards from, for my dear friend Jacquie’s (Handofbelapeck) booth at a the Grandbury paranormal expo in Texas on October 1st (also for shop). Besides that, I have begun a somewhat deconstructed mixed media piece. I’m feeling deeply inspired as of late by deconstructed art, and inspiration always turns into new work.


As you might have noticed I numbered this blog entry “In the Studio #1”, that’s because I plan on making this a regular Friday entry… so please feel free to come on by and check it out. If you your not a check in kind of person but don’t want to miss out, enter your email address in the my right side bar to receive my entries via email. Thanks friends, and happy creating!


Summer Where Art Thou?

It’s a short 14 day stretch from here until my three boys return to school and I’m feeling a mix of so many different things. I had better hopes for this summer. There was so much more I wanted to do with my kids, and now there’s no time other than to juggle our schedule, shop for school, and make sure everyone has every item that I check off on their school list. Last summer felt like bliss that went on forever with mild days and so much time swimming at or favorite lake beach. This summer just seemed overwhelmingly busy, like I had no control of it, and so damn hot.

But there was good. And if I brush aside my spite for a moment to let the awesome in, I can see it. There were a few lakeside days in the beginning, camping, lots of icecream, cooking together, family walks/bike rides, and hand holding. We had friends over, many nights of dinner cooked on the grill, tan lines, and weekends packed full. 

So I’m not gonna be mad or sour about what wasn’t. Life is to short to hold a grudge against a season. It is what it is, it is what it was. Bring on autumn with its slow singing crickets, warm sweaters, and lazy weekends by the wood stove.